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 Sister Hate Says:
          I know your supposed to be nice to people who have disabilities. My sister happens to have one. My friends are like be nice to her. She's has a disability. They don't understand that the troubles I have to go though, having a sister who will NEVER lead a normal life, who needs help with almost EVRYTHING! I want them to know what I feel, to know what I go through everyday, but this is a feeling undescribable. So how do I tell them? It's just too much for me to bear anymore!

   TweenLife Advice Specialist Says:

                 Hey girl! Ok, i think i have heard about your problem, alot of people feel the EXACT same way! But your friends are right about the disablity thing, you should be nice to her. But, here is a tip for how to treat people with disablities; don't treat them like babies, most of the time they don't want people to treat them different because of their condition. We are extremly happy you sent in this question, i think alot of people should have an opinion on this. Your friends, obvously don't undertand the pain that you have to go through being the big sis. It's just like, well, you know...if your sister is diagnosed with a life thretning or changing disability, then its basically grieving over the side of a bed. Your sister NEEDS you! So help her, sometimes, if you get angry, you HAVE TO let it out, not on her though. Go outside, exercise, read, take a break,  go up in your room and listen to some music for a while. It ALL helps, it just depends on your personality. If you want your friends to know how it feels, you just have to explain, let it out, talk to them, the good friends that listen well will understand. And, all you have to do about telling them, is to keep cool, say almost everything that has happened that day, and say, hey my sister, she makes me feels different, as in my life style compared to yours. Everyone has their issues, but some are worse than others. For your case, we think that you should definatly let all the anger and rage and hate out and talk to someone, a close friend, or maybe even a guidance councelor, we hope we have given your good advice, we have tried to our FULL extent. Good Luck!



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