Krazy Keplem Says:
     I am in a HUGE sitch! I had a BFF. She ment alot to me. She always jokes around with people, and sometimes it is kinda hurtful and she goes WAY to far, She did that to me and it really hurt my feelings! I got over it and brushed it off. A week after that I joked with her, and it wasn't as bad as what she said to me, and she got SUPER mad and me and she i acussing me of saying worse stuff I didn't even say. It is hard to grasp the fact that i am mad at her and she HATES me, we always fight, I CANT talk to her anymore, it is just wasting my time. We aren't even friends anymore.



          Tween Life Advice Specialist Says:

                       Krazy Keplem, Here is something to rememeber, don't sink down to her level if she is being mean and hurting people's feelings, even if it isn't as bad. If she is acussing you of doing something you didn't, you have to get witnesses, to prove her wrong! Just like in court! Don't just take it like that you have to do something in your defense to, you have the floor. If you don't want to be friends anymore, then all you have to do is try to talk to her, write her a note, email her, being enemies won't help one bit. If you guys at least show some respect toward each other it will help the cause! If you just flat out cannot and won't talk to her, then don't it is the fastest and easiest way to not fight. Don't sink low. If you are the nicer person, then what you CAN do is stand up for the person being teased or even cheer them up at the end, that girl won't feel any better about herslef when everyone she is friends with turns her down and ends up not being friends because of her teasing, it is her lose.

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 For Krazy Keplem

Name: Sker
Comments: hey hey! what you should do is confront her, dont be afraid!


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