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   So Messed Up Says:
: ok, so i like i guy. an dall my friends pressure me to tlk to him. and i dn't when i had a chance to, and he wn't tlk to me now and i think he h8tes me!! help me!! i am not scared of him but madly in love wit him!! wat do i do?

Tween Life Advice Specialist Says:

                          Here's the dealio, you like this guy, right? Well if you like him and your friends know about it, they shouldn't pressure you to talk to them. And remember, girls WILL be girls. You can't always trust, sorry to say! But you HAVE to be ready for them to pressure you. It is very rude for them to do that though. Here's the other thing, if you didn't talk to him when you had the chance to, then that just means to TRY AGAIN! If you can't talk to him in person, then talk to him on the phone. I know we usually say to 'email him', but the thing is, is that sometimes, well you know, guys might act different. And you may never know if that is what they really think of you, if you know where I am coming from. And the other thing is, is that, if you are that much madly in love with him, you will never know that much if YOU  don't talk to him. NO PRESSURE AT ALL! And if you are madly in love with him, you probably ask youself this question; "Does he like me back?" And you are probably DYING to figure that out! But remember, a REAL friend wouldn't push you into doing things you don't want to do. GOOD friends might SUGGEST some things to you, and they are ONLY OPTIONS. Never be pressured to talk to a boy, And from the sound of this, all you have to do is talk to him, and if you have ANY MORE  questions, please din't be afraid to ask! Now, you GO GIRL!  


Name: Best Bud issue

 There's this boy who is my good friend that always comes to me when he has issues, especially with his mom or "stupid" stepdad. The other day my so-so friend said he liked me. My other good friend said so too. I approached him the othre day and asked him (to his face) "Do yo ulike me?" He said yes, but now he won't talk to me! I also caught him looking at me in math class, but he looked away when he saw I noticed. Help!

~Best Bud Issue~

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 Tween Life Advice Specialist says:

Well go up to him and just start a conversation! Depending on his personality, is what you should talk to him about. If he likes funny girls go up there and tell a joke! If he likes sports talk to him about a sport! If he comes to you for issues, then you must be really good friends, so if you want to take it a step forward, if it doesnt work out, you should still be great friends! If you really like this guy you wont be afraid to go up to him to talk! He said he likes you so mabye if you talk to him about the right things, it will work out!

Oh: and if you want another tip! never send your friends over to your crush to talk to him, he will start to get annoyed and not like you anymore!

                    ~Tween Life Advice Specialist


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  Mystery Gurl Says:

 ok i need help!!!!  i don't want to send in a e-mail evn though u don't know me i am from florida!! this guy is so sweet and i barley know him but i am drawn to him and trust him i have known him sence we were babys(i am in 8th grade) we don't tlk to much anymore though! he keep s e-mailing me  and i reply and he won't!!! all my friends don't realize how important he is to me and make fun of me and yell at me for being so hipnotized (practically) when i am around hm! what do i do to go out with him he is cute and single and i really would do ANTHING to get him1!!!? what do i do!!

                                    mystery gurl & need help(i am the same person)
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Tween Life Adice Specialist Says: 

Well for one, your friends shouldn't be yelling at you about any of that stuff, it's just wrong. But dont over obsess about this guy, he is only human, and so are you! If he keeps emailing you then reply back like you are doing, if he doesnt reply, then ask him the simple question, why! Your in the 8th grade! There is going to be drama and plenty more as you get older. Talk to him. If you go to the same school and if you do some kind of after school activity with him, well just talk to him. You dont have to bring up the emailing thing. Ask your buds to lay off too. Your friends are only true friends if they stay by your side. Ask them what is going on in thier life, dont make every conversation about you! Rely on friends and family for support and go for it girlie!  Here is a tip that we would give to anyone, don't have a friend ask out you crush for you! Do it yourself! Not that it's a trust thing, but it is that sometimes they dont get the right idea unless it is coming from, YOU! Just be yourself too! It won't hurt!

                        ~Tween Life Advice Specialist


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