Rule Number One: Don't Use Hairspray By Pyro related Objects

  Gurl's Mezmerizing Moment:
One time, me and my boyfriend were on a date and my hair spray caught on fire cuz of the candle on our table when i fliped my hair and so they had to dump grease on my head. the embaresing part was when i was walkin him to his house, his other girlfreind was there!!!!!!!

Mesmerizing Moments

Sometimes you get into a sticky sitch, this is where you tell us when you blush much! You maybe like, "What!!?? This person wants me to tell them some of my embarrasing moments!?" Well that is exactly what we want you to do! Why? Well, because most girls get into the same sitchs so, we are asking you to do this because we want to put the caution sign out to some girls.  Basically you giving the advice! Try it!

Do you have one?