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Perfectly Paramore

The amazing combo of energy and brothers and one amazingly talented vocal female star, the most perfect!  This pop-punk rock sensation has both girls, and boys, excited for their next hits. With Hayley Williams on vocals, Jeremy Davis on bass, Josh Farro on guitar, and Zach Farrow on drums, this band will 'decode' your unseen love for alternative music. What we think is in Paramore's music, is the feeling that you are doing something or trying or the 'regular everyday' scenes that happen all the time! Now remember, they had a huge hit song in TWILIGHT, that song, would be DECODE anf Cought Myself!!!! One of the songs is during the 'Prom pick-a-dress' scene, in the backround, dah! Go to for more info on the 5 year running, and inspiring band! Feel it, Hear it, and Believe It. 

  Three Days Grace, Anyone?

  Hey we are back with some more Music Mania, but this time, it is all about THREE DAYS GRACE!! This is a great rock band if you really want to get your word our about what is in the world and on your mind. The band that formed in 1997 has some great off the charts singles and are truley always rockin the Rock genre stage! They are different, not because their clothes, or there favorite ice cream but because they express who they really are through amazin music and they now just how to, just like in their songs "Pain" and "I Hate Everything About You" It truely does show their side and how many people feel about pain and hating something about someone but then again loving them! It is a perfect mix in all of this weird, diverse groups!

Linkin Park

    Linkin Park is the rap/rock band that formed in 1996, not old, not bad. Their songs are sweeping the rock/rap world in many ways. The chritable group also has done many things for the 'Make A Wish Foundation'. They're band includes many different people. Your regular band. A great thing about Linkin Park is that they have a great edge! They have partnered up with other stars like Jay-Z! Awesome!? Well if you dont like Linkin Park or have a comment...leave one! (leave a comment) Tell us more about the people you love! Give us and other site veiwers info on Linkin Park by leavin a hearty comment!

   Music Mania!!??

  What is the music you are lovin, hatin, and so-soin? Tell us what your fave music is and we will surely give you info on the song, artist, or album. Thanks! Just leave a comment!

Comments (2)
Name: Doggie
Comments: Linkin Park is awesome all the way, though swear words pop up every once in a while.


Name: lauren
Comments: i LUV likin park!!som eother awsome bads as we already SHOULD know is misfits,three days grace and greenday!!!they rck!!

 Name: Doggie

Comments: I never heard of that new band up there that had a song in twilight.


Whats ur Favorite Music??