Remember, Reading!

 Reading: Not For Losers!

  You know those girls in those movies that are mean and popular, well that is what we call the 'mean girls'. Well there are still girls out there just like that! We bet you can name some girls in YOUR school or community just like that! I know there are some where we go to school!  But, some may seem unacedemicly skilled, some are though. But we know that lots of girls aren't reading or getting enough fun out of reading. We know, the first thing that pops up in your head is like "What are they talking about!? Reading, not for me" or "What do they want us to do? Read?" Well if you like this site, but you don't like to read...well that doesn't do you much good? Why? Well because you have to read to get what all these LETTERS ARE MAKING in this paragraph! We are going to show you some books and recamendations from a diverse group of girls and guys. Don't ut read because your mom wants you too, read because it helps you and it helps your mind wander!

   Romance or Intensing?

  The phenomenom that the one and only Stephanie Meyer has created is a great book-seller from tweens to seniors (seniors as in grandmas)! Twilight is the heart pounder and the romance that has everyone (even some guys) dazed and gasped. Girls of all ages have finished this long hearted book in less than one week. The intense is so much for girls, that they even dream that they are there and sometimes their mind can't move from the thought.  The book is about 17 year old Isabella Swan (prefers Bella) moves in with her father, Charlie, in Forks, Washington. Not the dryest place in the continental U.S...For sure! In Forks she discovers a family, the Cullens, their behavior seems to isolate everyone, or at least all humans. Bella is very curious about Edward Cullen. Especially when he quickly saves Bella from being squashed by a van at her Highschool Parking Lot while Edward is at the other side of the lot. Mysteries unfold and Bella falls in love with Edward, a monster in a beautiful disguise. The lion fell in love with the lamb. Bella; Lamb. Edward; Lion. Edward is something that we all thought was a myth...a vampire.


  The Comments!

Name: lauren the diva
Comments: twilight is a rcking bk!! but don't forget  to include some other stuff like scary stuff!!! or grown up stuff!!! include them too
Name: NowATwilightLover
Comments: I'm only like 1/4 done with the first book, but I still feel like I'm at the end. Its SO hard to put it down.


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