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 Take a Magical Trip to Adventureland!

  Let's take a magical trip to ADVENTURELAND, the brand new movie now in theatres! You will be hipmatized by the hilarious gestures and phrases. This movie is all about a college graduate that has the worst job in the world, working at an amusement park, trust me, not as fun as it seems! He was supposed to go on a wonderful flirty filled trip to Germany over the summer but mom and dad, well ya. Em, a co-worker at the amusement park, gets into a relationship with him. Sorry, we can't say anymore, ikt will give away the movie! So, ya, go out and see this guy turn the worst summer into one that will just jump-start his after-school-is-over-life!

Monsters vs Aliens?

Hey i bet you have heard of the boogie man and an ogre, but have you heard of these Monsters? Monsters vs Aliens is a new action packed movie for children and adluts who really need to be humorized! This film include Aliens trying to take over the world, but who will stop them? Well your average ordinary everyday monsters! There here to save the world from the horrible horror of the aliens from who nows where in outer space! Dream Works has a great productioin in store for you! Wonderful Job cast and crew! A round of aplause for you!  

 Twilight Madness!

   Major Movie Madness hit when TWILIGHT came out on DVD. Girls of all ages lined your local store's streets and sidewalks on March 21. Blocklbuster must have had some major action with the rents and racked in some moo-lah selling the ultimate movie. Posters of Edward Cullen and Bella Swan are a major hit! Go Team Edward...or Go Team Jacob??  That is the scoop everyone is asking and talking about. So what do you think about the phnomenom? The Twilight Conventions and the major parties? Are we going to be blown away again by NEW MOON coming out on November 20, 2009. Props to all the Twilight and New Moon cast and directors! Great Job!

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For Monsters vs Aliens

Name: lauren
 i want to c the monster thing ssssssssooooooooooo bad!!!! does it rock or need to be put in a sock!!! hahahha!jk !but do u like it!?

Name: Twillight Lover

 Hey!! :) Twilight was my FAVORITE movie/book for a really long time!! Then i came to school and my friend totally told me all about the series!! I was so mad now i dont like twilight anymore! So if someone tells you whats going to happen dont lisin!!!

Twilight Lover:)


Name: kai

Comments: heyyyy i love twilight it is soooo baller its da bomb edward is sooooooooooooooooo ddreamyy!!!!

Name: Twilight
 Comments: I haven't seen it yet, people say its awesome though.

Name: Doggie
Comments: I haven't seen ANYTHING for Adcentureland, is it in theathers or is it out already!?!?!




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