School Dances:101


No Dance!?

 Worried Says:

      I might not be able to go to a dance I'll NEVER be able to go to again! Help!?!?!

 Tween Life Advice Specialist Says:

       Well, for one, I am so sorry that you might miss the dance!  But, if your parents don't  want you to go than we can't argue with that. But, here is an idea; car pool!  Well if you don't have a ride that is. If this is a one in a life time dance, than you could just ask your parents, very nicely, and tell them it is a once-in-a-lifetime chance. Remember, carpooling is good for the enviroment and it defintly can help!

School Dances

Okay, girls always have dreams, big or small! One dream that many girls want to come true is to have a wonderful prom or a date. Well, almost all middle schools and high schools and smetimes even Elementary Schools have 'School Dances'. They could be formal or semi-formal, but there is always TWO important things to remember about school dances; you don't need a date and have Fun! For one, the reason you don't need a date is because, ya its a social thing, but your firends! It is always just perfect to just hang out with your friends! If it comes time for a 'slow dance', then all you hve to do is either sit down or just hang out with some of your friends! If you even want to, dance with them!  And for two, the reason o have funn is because thats what its al about! Have funn and if you have any questions or concerns about your upcoming dance or fling, just leave a comment and we will post it for you and have the answer, unless you would like your message to be private, just say PRIVATE at the beginning of your message. if you want it to be PRIVITE please put your email address so we can contact you with your answer! So don't forget to leave comments! Dance On!